What we do.

We deliver from A-Z. Within the daily event business we are planning, organizing, implementing and following up your event.

We like to be organizers. And assume responsibility. 

We think ahead, create, design - and put our ideas into practice.

We cooperate with selected service providers who have been by our side for years. Those long-standing partnerships at eye level are a matter of course for us.

We offer everything from a single source. We also do marketing, medialization, ticketing and production. And much more.
Our USP are our in-house power and the fair cooperations with our external service providers.

Daily event business
Assumption of the role of organizer
Consulting & conception

An extract of our references.

Professional event management is - among other things - reflected in the experience. And we have that.

Our customers.


Michael Kurz

Head of Events

Tel.: +49 89 9507 1996

Tim Lenartz

Senior Event Manager

Tel.: +49 89 9507 1993

Alisa Beyerle

Junior Event Manager

Tel.: +49 89 9507 1991

Julia Emmerl

Junior Event Manager

Tel.: +49 89 9507 1992

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